Customer Support & FAQ

Commission Cakes

  • Is there a minimum order?


    For all Custom Commission Cakes assignemtns, prices start from SGD 1500.

  • What is the difference between Custom Cakes & Rustic Floral Series?

    For all Commission Cakes, you get to customise your cake from head to toe, it can be done in form of cake painting, sugar flowers of your choice, frills design and so much more. For more designs, you may take a look at this page:

    For Rustic Floral Cakes, these cakes are considered semi-custom cakes. Mainly finished in a beautiful rustic buttercream finish, then adorned with Sugar Flowers handmade by us, lesser customisation is available here, however, you do get to choose the colour scheme of your choice, and you may leave the rest to us. As of February 2022, we have stopped our service of doing Rustic Floral Cakes to put more focus and attention on our Commission Cake assignments.

  • Are your cakes certified Halal?

    No, our cakes are not certified Halal.

  • How can I try your cake flavours?

    Currently, we do not have tasting boxes. Feel free to email us to understand the flavours we are providing at the moment.

  • Do you do birthday cakes?

    Yes. Similarly, all cake orders have to meet the min. price of SGD1500.

  • Do you do non-fondant cake?

    Winifred Kriste Cake specializes in haute couture designer cakes and sugar flowers crafted on fondant-base finishing; a porcelain-like surface on the cake which allows exploration of art techniques like water-colour painting and embroidery effects. Click here to find out more:

    As of February 2022, we have stopped our service of doing Rustic Floral Cakes to put more focus and attention on our Commission Cake assignments.

  • My event venue is non-air-conditioned; will I still be able to order a fondant cake?

    Fondant cakes are best preserved in air-conditioned rooms. However if you do not have one, we would suggest leaving the cake out for at most 1 hour, it’s also okay to leave it out for a longer period of time, but the fondant may start to ‘perspire’ as condensation happens due to the high humidity level in Singapore.

  • What is the size of each serving of cake?

    All our cake tiers will be 4.5” tall. The standard industry size of each serving for wedding cakes is measured 1” x 1” x 4.5” tall.

  • I only like to serve a small number of people but I would like to have an incredible tall-looking cake,
    how should I go about doing that?

    You may choose to only have 1 or 2 real cake tiers, and all other tiers to be dummies. Price will still be dependent on the cake design, and if you go for some dummy tiers the price will be lower as compared to it being all real tiers.

  • What is the lead-time to make an order?

    At least 1 month, we take orders 1 year in advance.

    For an exquisitely designed cake, ordering between 3 – 6 months in advance is the best; loads of time to discuss details, book the slot (as full reservation only occurs when the 50% deposit is received) and to create your cake. Deal is, the earlier the more time we have to discuss and design your specialty cake.

Design & Pricing

  • Can you do a cake design exactly like how we referred you to making?   

    Our work is art- the creation of the order is an art and may be subjected to minor deviations from the design sketch and/ or design or description.

  • Can I change the design after I have set it?   

    Once the design is set during appointment, reasonable changes to your order may be made; additional charges may be incurred depending on the nature of the changes. The order must still meet the minimum, excluding fees and delivery.

    However no changes can be made 1 month prior to the event date.

  • What is the price of a commission cake?   

    All commission cake pieces go through a thorough and detailed process of discussion and designing.

    The price of a custom cake design varies quite a bit by design, ingredients and techniques used to achieve a certain look- a min. order for a custom commissioned cake piece starts from SGD1500 (min. of 2 tiers).

    Prices increase accordingly with the:

    - Size of tiers

    - Complexity of design

    - Workmanship level

    - Colour palette

  • Is a deposit required to secure my cake order?   

    Yes. A 50% deposit is required to secure the slot. As all our cake orders are taken via appointments, the earlier you reach us, the higher the chances you will be able to secure the slot.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?   

    For all cake orders, you may do so through Internet Baking, Bank Transfer or Paynow/ QR code.
    For workshops, you may do so via PayPal/ Credit Cards/ Atome Installment.

  • Does the price include delivery & set up?   

    No. The price we quote you is purely for the cake design. Delivery and set up is charged separately between SG$50 – SG$80 depending on the size of cake and your event location.

    All our cakes will be presented on a cake stand, hence we provide a cake stand with a security deposit tied to it. It will be fully refunded should the cake stand be returned to us in its original condition.

  • What are the delivery times?   

    Earliest time for delivery is 10am, and the latest is 7pm.

  • Can I do self-collection?   

    We welcome self-collection but you will have to take care of your order. Our responsibility ends once the cake is out of our studio. As most of our cakes are tall and heavy, we would strongly recommend you to have us deliver it for you.

Cake Consultation

  • What should I prepare for my online cake design consultation?

    Here are some main/ important things you may bring for the consultation to assist easier flow of communication:

    - Colour swatches

    - Event invitations

    - Photo Inspirations

    - List of ideas

    To facilitate a more efficient consultation, it would be best to send this information over via email before the consultation.

  • What can I expect at the cake design consultation?

    During cake design consultations, clients collaborate one-on-one with Winifred, who will help create and design your vision into the perfect cake for your special occasion.
    You may send in your request here for an appointment for cake design consultation here

  • Where do I start with a cake order? Can I converse through email, or why should I go for a cake consultation?

    Before any of our clients proceed with an enquiry, we will highly recommend you to look through our website and portfolio to get some inspiration from the work we have done.

    Should you be interested in one of our cake designs and would like to re-create a similar one, great! You could do so via email conversations and our team will guide you along with the cake order.

    If you’re looking at customising a unique cake design, we would recommend you to book an appointment for a cake design consultation- it costs SGD50.

Online Masterclass

  • Where can I find out more information of the course/ classes?

    You may do so by accessing our Online School directly here: 

  • What is the difference between the Full Masterclass and the individual classes?

    The Full Masterclass: Art of Wafer Paper Flowers & Cake Design (Spring in Full Bloom) allows you to take advantage of all the individual classes at a bundled price with additional exclusive curriculum like conceptualising of cake design (& more). You will also learn how to design the cake design shown. If one is not ready for a Full Masterclass, they can start with smaller individual classes, which are made up of different individual chapters that are part of the Full Course. 

  • I am a complete beginner, will The Full Masterclass be suitable for me?

    A 100% YES! Winifred learns most of her skills from ground up, so this course and every curriculum is designed with the thought of making sure all the fundamentals are covered in detail step-by-step processes, before we move on to something more intense. So you're in safe hands to kick start your wafer paper and cake decorating journey here. All we ask for, is a heart open to learning.

  • I already know how to create flowers with gumpaste/ wafer paper. Will I learn anything new from this course?

    Winifred Kristé Cake's Sugar Flower creations are renowned for the unique colour choices and cohesive cake design. If you’re looking to elevate your designs and expand your own repertoire of skills to take your portfolio to the next level, you’ll love the level of detail in this course. Beyond the basics, you will also learn about conceptualising a cake design, bringing your inspiration to life and other important techniques on creating textures on your cake to pull everything together.

    Most importantly, we update our courses annually whenever there is new inputs. So you are paying a one time payment for constantly renewed content.

  • Is there a sneak peek where I can take a look at how the classes are taught?

    Yes! You may head to our Youtube Channel to take a look at all the sneak peeks, or head to the individual classes page on our Online learning school to have a closer look at both the sneak peek and the course curriculum: 

  • How long can I view or access my class for?

    Once you make payment or enroll yourself into any class (even if you pay by instalments), you get access to your class immediately and it is yours forever- you can watch it anywhere and anytime you want. All at your own convenience and pace. 

  • Are instalment payments available?

    Yes! For the Full Masterclass, you may choose to pay for the Full Price, or opt for 3 monthly instalment payments of $300. For The Flower Bundle 1.0, you may also opt for 3 monthly payments of $150, and for The Flower Bundle 2.0, you may opt for 3 monthly payments of $167. (All currencies are in USD).

    For Singapore Students, you may opt to pay for your instalment payments via Atome here at

  • If I have any questions while learning from the online classes, will I be able to ask Winifred on my progress
    and check in with her?

    Absolutely! We understand that learning is not a linear process, and sometimes we will get into little problems that we are not familiar with. Our support system is always here, all students will get an invitation to join our Private FB Group, where all fellow students and creatives will be able to connect, communicate and help each other grow while learning. Winifred will also be there to answer any questions you may have.

  • Will I be able to get a refund if the course is not a good fit for me?

    Yes, we are confident that what we have included in this course far exceeds what you are paying for. So we are giving you 48 hours to explore it in full. If after exploring the course, you don't feel like it is the right fit for you, let us know within 48 hours (including helping us answer a questionnaire)- and we will process the refund for you.

    Do note that once you opt for refund, you will also automatically be removed from our Private FB Community- that means you are also opting out of future useful tips and tricks that Winifred will be sharing exclusively to the group.


  • Do you teach baking and frosting?

    Winifred Kristé Cake is widely considered to be the leading couture cake boutique in Singapore that specialises in Sugar Flowers and edible floral artistry. Learn to craft beautiful seasonal blooms using sugar gum paste from sugar artist Winifred, herself.

    Baking and frosting techniques are not included in the workshop.

  • I would like to learn how to make Sugar Flowers, one-to-one. Do you hold a Private Workshop?

    Kindly refer to Private Workshop section for more information or

    Email us at if you’re interested in doing a private workshop.