"It is always important to let your inner voice take lead in the creation of your design."

Winifred’s love for cakes and edible art dates back to 2010. After a decade more and so, her compulsion to learn and create exquisite cake pieces has still been the sugar that keeps commitment & promise to her clients for the most exclusive and refined cake creations going. 

In the fall of 2014, Ms Winifred moved to Washington D.C. where she worked at the reputable Maggie Austin Cake boutique to further fine-tune her skills. Winifred has also taken part in specialised assignments from cake and dessert spreads for Martha Stewart, to Victorian-styled sugar flowers vases that were commissioned by the First Lady of the U.S.A, Michelle Obama for the White House Christmas in 2014.

Her journey didn’t stop there because she believes there is always something new to learn and to grow from. Coming home, she was presented with the opportunity to further her creations and Winifred Kristé Cake was then founded in 2015.

Hand-painted cakes, wafer paper flowers & sugar flowers are the signature styles of Winifred Kristé Cake. Our cakes stand out in our experience with unique designs, our trained eye in colour combinations and textural harmony.

These techniques, together with Winifred’s passion for sharing, are embroidered in every educational content she designs. Our workshops, ranging from our online school, to in-person workshops both locally and internationally, have gathered many cake design hobbyists, professionals, and everyday people who are hungry for the magic that Art creates.

Our vision is to share & continue these creative conversations who have filled hearts, with loads more people in the world, through both our education, & handmade edible creation because we believe Art has the ability to amplify our lives.