11 Wedding Cake Designs & The Story Behind Them

Wedding Cake Designs We Adore

Winifred Kristé Cake specialises in customised wedding cakes and handmade sugar flowers. What people see are usually the final look/design so we thought it would be fun to walk you through a little on some of our favourites and the story leading to it.

From tiered wedding cakes to unique wedding cake designs, each cake is meticulously crafted and designed to present the most refined piece of artwork. Enjoy!


1. Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie painting on wedding cake

This cake design was created back in 2015 purely for the fun of trying out china blue on cakes  it was long hours of intense painting but so much fun playing with the different shades of blue. Magnolias made from sugar paste was chosen for this to compliment the chinoiserie look.

We would recommend this to any brides looking for something special instead of the usual wedding cake look.


2. Peranakan

Peranakan texture wedding cake

Now, another traditional wedding cake that is rich on / inspired by culture – this time a Peranakan theme.

Bride, Vanessa has an idea of a Peranakan theme wedding put together, she was also adorned in a traditional Peranakan wedding outfit – how lovely!

Combining the huge Chinese peonies, roses and embroidery details, we love how the entire look ties together.


3. Classic Monet

Claude Monet wedding cake

Well, need we say more for this? Our baker killed this with her extremely fine and detailed brush strokes, and of course this cake was made and painted in honour of Monet and his extraordinary beautiful paintings.

The painting is then framed with a border made from sugar paste, adding touches of rustic old gold and rich copper tones.


4. #WKCrusticfloralcakes

WKC Rustic Floral Cakes

A classic #WKCrusticfloralcakes. (Don’t mind the “s” due to the hashtag)

We absolutely fell in love when our bride showed us the colour palette for her wedding and have us create a signature rustic look, we proceeded to make some sugar roses, hydrangeas and olive leaves together  a classic we will never get sick of.


5. #NuByWKCcake

Macaron tower wedding cake

People asks us what does #NuByWKC means all the time. #NuByWKC is a line of macarons inspired by Winifred's traveling experiences. It combines Asian flavours with colours and food textures inspired by Faroe Islands, Paris & London.

Back to the design  we are extremely grateful for this one (Hola Nick and Elizabeth!) for allowing us to venture into an entirely new wedding cake design we never tried before: combining our macarons series with our cakes. What a pleasant experience it was.

We incorporated sugar tulips as the main flower here upon the bride’s requests, especially after she sent us photos of tulips they saw while visiting Amsterdam during one their traveling trips. This tulip names “Mr Nick” caught her eye and she requested for us to recreate it on the cake  and so we did!


6. Romantic Fall

Romantic Fall wedding cake

This cake was created for a styled shoot. The mood-board immediately took my breath away.

It was Romantic Fall  consisting mainly of elements that are dark, sophisticated and romantic. We got the inspiration from the table settings shown in the mood-board, there were brown wood tones, brass wares and a lot of fruits, mainly grapes.

Since we do sugar flowers all the time, we thought it would be fun to make some grapes out of sugar as well and this happened.

Along side with some fallen petals from the huge rose this design came together just as how we thought it to be and we can’t be more pleased.


7. Lovebirds 

Handpainted lovebirds wedding cake

Lovebirds! The design on our couple’s invitation inspired this design. It was a clean yet rustic look  soft brush strokes accompanied by watercolour leaves.

The couple loved the idea of having a pair of lovebirds on their wedding cake  we painted it, and added a soft water washed texture as the background to bring out the look we were looking for. The design was also accompanied by Magnolias and Dogwood flowers which had the most perfect tone to compliment this design.


8. Embroidery Romance 

Colourful embroidered flowers wedding cake

We have been using embroidered design for quite a number of our cakes but they are usually the accompanying element. However, this one right here, focuses only on embroidery, and it amazes me how different, different embroidered designs can look!

We spend a really long time putting and removing the sugar embroidery just to make sure it feels right. Embroidery lovers anyone?


9. Enchanted Romance 

Exquisite wedding cake

The heaviest cake the team has done and we really did breathe a breath of relief when the cake is safely placed on the cake stand.

The bride, Joyin really gave us the freedom to create this look based on her “Summer midnight dream” theme. We took inspirations from the color palette and feel it gave us and translated on this cake design with 3 main techniques: Sugar Flowers, Hand-painting, and 3D Embroidery look.

Extremely heavy on techniques and challenging, but extremely satisfying to look at as well.


10. Wild Forest Glam 

Rustic theme wild sugar flowers wedding cake

This happens when you work with an artist to create her wedding cake  she is very clear about how the cake should look. Wild flower elements has to be present and what better way to put it together than vines and vines of them?

Note: it is an extremely fine line between wild and messy. To tie everything together, we blended the wild flowers with the cake by setting a soft water color wash as the texture.

Definitely not an easy one to put together, but so worth doing it I would say.


11. Peonies in Full Bloom 

Pink peony sugar flowers anniversary cake

When you bride is an extremely huge fan of peonies. A pristine white background for the sugar peonies to stand out  we went for an ombre look for the cascading flowers, which gave the cake am additional layer of texture. Full bloom. Clean and classic.

And that’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed understanding these cakes a little better other than only seeing it from aesthetic point of view, they all go though an intensive design phase and are all well thought out before executing. That is also what we wanted to bring out and present it for all our clients.

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