Wafer Paper Leaves and Vines for Cake Decorating

Learn how to make these simple but very important technique for making wafer paper leaves; yes because leaves make a huge difference to your cake design and this technique is universal, so it can applied onto any leaves you want to do.

Talk about learning a practical skillset! 

In this tutorial, Winifred teaches you how to not only make the leaves, but how to tie 2 different styles of leaf vines to suit different cake styles. This way, you are not restricted to only 1 way of doing things, and in true blue Winifred's teaching style: 1 fundamental skill that can be applied across so many areas. 

Now, let's dive in! Template download can be found below. 

Wafer Paper Thickness: https://winifredkristecake.com/blogs/articles/wafer-paper-fundamentals-thickness

Materials you need for this tutorial:

- Wafer Paper (Amazon O Grade Oasis Supply) 
- Colour Palette 
- Wafer Paper Conditioner (not sure what to use? check out this to know: https://winifredkristecake.com/blogs/articles/how-to-condition-wafer-paper
- Dresden Tool 
- Craft Scissors 
- Needle Nose Pliers 
- 26g white floral wire
- Dusting brushes 
- Wafer Paper Brushes
- Floral Tape 
- Rose Leaves Veiner
- Shortening
- Corn Starch (Optional)
Edible Dust colours 
(I am using Crystal Colours from www.sugarpaste.com) 
- Cinnamon 
- Kiwi 


1. Download the template given, and cut out the shape on wafer paper accordingly.
2. Mix the colours you want and start colouring your cut outs.
3. Use the veiner to vein the leaves and shape it with your fingers or with a dresden tool.
4. Attach it onto your wire using wafer paper glue
5. Let it dry then now you are ready to tie them into vines and use them for your cake decorating.

Wafer Paper Leaves Wafer Paper Flowers Winifred Kriste Cake Wafer Paper Leaves Wafer Paper Flowers Winifred Kriste Cake 2


Wafer paper is made up of a combination of potato starch, water, and vegetable oil. Most wafer papers are flavourless or have a neutral taste.
This lack of flavour is an advantage as it doesn’t affect the taste of the cake that the wafer paper is applied onto. Flowers made from Wafer Paper can also last forever, so you never have to worry about flowers withering ever again.
Read everything you need to know about Wafer Paper: https://winifredkristecake.com/blogs/articles/wafer-paper-flowers


First we have to understand the condition it will stay up well, or the reason why such environment is good for storing wafer paper flowers. Generally, wafer paper flowers and sugar flowers will soften when there is too much moisture in the air. So basically to store it well so they last forever after you have made your sugar flowers or wafer paper flowers, you will need to store it in a cool and dry environment.

Watch the full explanation and demonstration on how to store your sugar flowers here: 

Need a professional tutorial in getting you started with wafer paper flowers? Thinking how you can make realistic looking sugar flowers that are light weight, do not break and doesn't require overnight drying time? 
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