How to make your own Gum Paste with 4 simple ingredients

Learning how to make realistic sugar flowers starts with having a good foundation, or in this case, medium, which is your gum paste. There are tons of different brands of gum paste out there but nothing beats one that you make yourself, especially when it only takes 5 minutes to make it!

The best part is you ONLY NEED 4 ingredients

Even if you have all the good techniques of making sugar flowers on hand, and you use a gum paste that does not behave well, everything will just go down the drain.
If you are facing the following, like how I used to:
1. It would NOT hold up its shape
2. It kept melting no matter how much air-conditioning I was adding to it
3. The gum paste could not stretch well and it kept breaking
All I ended up with were sugar flowers that looked chunky and kept melting. It was truly frustrating and nerve-wrecking when I had to pray for the sugar flowers to behave especially on my clients' cakes.  
But once I started making sugar flowers with this gumpaste recipe,
E V E R Y T H I N G changed. I could make my sugar flowers look
1. Realistic
2. Really thin because of how stretchy it is
3. Store my sugar flowers for years and years to come without it melting
So if those sound like what you are going through, this class is going to take away all your pain points, and leave you only with happy and joyful experience making sugar flowers.

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    Winifred Kriste Cake Gumpaste Recipe Tutorial


    In this class, you will learn:

    - How to make homemade gum paste with just 4 simple ingredients in JUST under 5 minutes
    - How to adjust the recipe for it to fit into YOUR environment
    - How to work with this gumpaste so you get the best out of it
    - How to store colored and non-coloured gumpaste
    - How to use the gumpaste immediately without having it to rest 12 hours overnight

    - Winifred's personal tips for storing, making & coloring gum paste in a PDF Guide

    winifred kriste cake gumpaste recipe tutorial winifred kriste cake gum paste tutorial recipe


    Gum paste is a sugar paste often used for making delicate looking sugar flowers or figurines. Because of its quick to dry nature, they hold up a lot better than fondant, and also can be rolled out really thin to create realistic looking sugar flowers, like the ones you see here:

    winifred kriste cake gumpaste flowers gumpaste recipe

    These are all handmade by Winifred and she teaches you how to make them in her YouTube Channel.


    Well you are in luck because Winifred shares her gum paste flowers tutorials on her YouTube channel. Her goal is to help people see that making gum paste flowers is not as complicated or difficult as one might think to be. 

    Check out her YouTube Channel here: