Wafer Paper Conditioner Recipe: How to condition Wafer Paper? Water, Vodka or Glycerin?

Before we learn how to condition our Wafer Paper, we have to learn what affects the types of conditioner we use to condition, so let's start with understanding the nature of Wafer paper, and the theory.

Wafer paper softens when it comes in contact with moisture, which is what we need to make flowers or petals out of it- so we add a liquid to soften it, then to shape it. After shaping it, we will need it to somewhat dry up, so it holds up the shape of the flower petal we just made. 

And this is where we determine what type of liquid we should be using depending on the environment we are in. Remember, the humidity level in the environment we work in also plays a part in the "liquid" we are talking about. 

In this table, I explain in more detail the type of liquid** you should be using depending on what is the humidity level of your environment.

**Type of liquid mentioned is based on the use of brands of colors with GLYCERIN in it. GLYCERIN: an oil based ingredient/ humectant that helps to retain moisture.

How to condition Wafer Paper

The main thing we are looking out for, is for the wafer paper to dry up in time (so imagine if you are in a very humid environment, and you use water, it will take hours to dry up and you will not be able to work the petal into your flower), so learning to use the RIGHT liquid and the RIGHT AMOUNT of liquid is a very important technique to get down too. 

I would highly recommend you get a humidity reader to understand what is the humidity level you are in: https://www.amazon.com/DOQAUS-Hygrometer-Thermometer-Temperature-Hygrometer-Black/dp/B07ZSF5RC5

Once you have determine what is the level of humidity, you will then be able to follow this table to work on conditioning your wafer paper accordingly. To fully understand this concept, I encourage you to try ALL the different liquid on your wafer paper, so you understand and are able to see how your wafer paper reacts to the different liquids used in your environment. This will allow you to see and be very sure which liquid suits your use best.  

Watch this video for more explanation & demonstration:


More information you need to know about Wafer Paper Thickness: https://winifredkristecake.com/blogs/articles/wafer-paper-fundamentals-thickness

Materials you need for this tutorial:

- Wafer Paper (Amazon O Grade or AD Grade Oasis Supply)
- Colour Palette
- Brushes for painting 
- All the different liquids for conditioning your wafer paper


1. Start by trying out each liquid on your wafer paper and see how it reacts
2. Then start to do some shaping by twisting it randomly withy your hands (this is to mimic the action of shaping a wafer paper petal)
3. Then put in on a shaper or former to let it dry up for a few seconds, at most 1 minute. Watch how the wafer paper reacts here as well. Does it go back to its original shape or does it retain the shape you were making?
4. If it retains the shape you are making, then congrats! This is the liquid you should be using to condition your wafer paper. 



Wafer paper is made up of a combination of potato starch, water, and vegetable oil. Most wafer papers are flavourless or have a neutral taste.
This lack of flavour is an advantage as it doesn’t affect the taste of the cake that the wafer paper is applied onto. Flowers made from Wafer Paper can also last forever, so you never have to worry about flowers withering ever again.
Read everything you need to know about Wafer Paper: https://winifredkristecake.com/blogs/articles/wafer-paper-flowers


First we have to understand the condition it will stay up well, or the reason why such environment is good for storing wafer paper flowers. Generally, wafer paper flowers and sugar flowers will soften when there is too much moisture in the air. So basically to store it well so they last forever after you have made your sugar flowers or wafer paper flowers, you will need to store it in a cool and dry environment.

Watch the full explanation and demonstration on how to store your sugar flowers here: 

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