Nuby Winifred Kristé Cake

A note of appreciation.

To all of you,
it is our promise following our compulsion towards excellence, to keep doing better.
We are excited to bring you our brand new range of macarons,
one which all our hearts & souls have been placed in the making of these delicate confection.
These macarons will be available for purchase at
a one-time pop up at our quaint studio located in the west.
More details below.
Without further ado, let me not step in the way between you,
and Nu.

WKC Macarons Deck-images.002

 These delicate crusts paired with another is sandwiched around a smooth luxurious filling, includes flavours like dark chocolate, cheesecake, tea flavours and more.

WKC Macarons Deck-images.004


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