Dessert SpreadExclusive partnership with Fiona Treadwell.

Specially brought together to you by Winifred Kristé Cake & Fiona Treadwell.

Winifred Kristé Cake desserts include our usual suspect #NubyWKC macarons, together with Tartés, Friands, Biscottis, Eclairs, and Cookies- they represent the core of heartwarming delectable bakes, usually styled with WKC signature styled sugar flower and hand-painted cake, this hint of edible art perfectly blends the desserts together in a dessert spread.

Fiona Treadwell was trained in NY Floral School as well as North Carolina’s (NC) Kelly Perry Philosophy Flowers.
Her style of arrangement draws inspiration from nature itself, they are usually airy and organic, showcasing the gracefulness of blooms. Using mostly exotic and seasonal florals, she believes that having a great floral installation in your space breathes life into it.
Expanding her aesthetics beyond florals and into props, she curates items according to the theme.
Pairing props with florals is a natural expansion to create a consistent and comprehensive look to the overall theme.

English Vintage Romance is what drives us in the same direction.
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